Sibbell is a product of Dropseed

Release Monitors

Release monitors are how Sibbell knows where and when to send you release notifications. Monitors allow you to send specific project releases to different channels, to help get the information in front of the right people.


With Sibbell’s simple tagging feature, you can easily organize the projects you follow and use those tags to determine where releases are sent.

Sibbell tagging projects Sibbell Slack monitor

How you might use them

Notify the whole team through Slack

Our Slack integration makes it easy to get notifications in front of the whole group, and discuss whether or not you need to update your dependencies.

Sibbell Slack chat

Use the right email address

Between work and home, we sometimes have more email addresses than we want. Use separate monitors to tag projects and send releases to the right inbox.

Sibbell email monitor

RSS feeds

For those of us who still prefer to scroll through our RSS feeds, Sibbell makes it easy to get a single feed with all the releases you want to see (ever tried to set up a feed for every GitHub repo?!).

Sibbell RSS feed