Sibbell is a product of Dropseed

Advanced Release Monitors

With Sibbell’s “release monitors”, you’re able to send specific project releases where you want them to go. This is a quick overview of the syntax available to write those search queries (which also applies to the site search).


The simplest, and sometimes most useful, monitor query you can write is *. The wildcard will match all projects that you follow. This is an easy way to send all releases to one place (like your main email address, personal Slack channel, or an RSS feed).

Sibbell wildcard monitor

You can also query on the name of the project. For GitHub projects, this matches the full name: {owner}/{repo_name}. This can be especially useful if you follow a number of projects related to one framework, and they all use that framework in the repo name.

Sibbell search monitor

Match tags

As with many developer tools, tags are the ultimate organization tool. Custom key=value tags allow you to organize projects in any way you like. You can then use those tags in your queries.

This makes it easy to send releases to specific Slack channels depending on what you use the dependency for, or specific email addresses depending on whether or not the releases are of personal interest of related to work.

Sibbell tagging projects Sibbell Slack monitor

Name search and tags combined

Finally, if you’ve got a lot of projects matching a set of tags, you can filter those down even further based on the name of the project.

Sibbell search and tags monitor