There are two ways to use Sibbell, one for you personally and one for your projects and company.

Sibbell for Individuals

As a developer, you keep tabs on all kinds of open-source projects. You may already be using them, or you might be considering them for a future project. Sibbell makes it extremely easy to bookmark these kinds of interesting repos while you browse GitHub, and start receiving notifications when they publish a new release. This makes it easy to stay in touch with the development and see what kind of progress they make (or don’t make) without being constantly bugged by every issue, pull request, and commit ever made to the repo.

Just star repos while you’re on GitHub, and Sibbell will do the rest.

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Sibbell for Business

Once you do start using another open-source project, it’s important to stay up-to-date. They fix bugs, security issues, and usually make improvements that you’ll be interested in. Often times they’ll fix an issue right before you run into it.

We take a simple approach to helping you stay on top of your dependencies – we’ll create a GitHub issue, giving you all the information we can, and let you discuss the update and actually make the changes. Some services try to make a pull request for you, but we think it’s more important that you actually consider the update and the implications it will have.

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