Simple tiers based on capacity

We only count repos that have a .sibbell.yml file,
and each GitHub organization has its own plan.


  • 1 repo
  • up to 5 dependencies total
  • unlimited users
  • free forever

$10 / mo.
billed yearly

  • 5 repos
  • up to 100 dependencies total
  • unlimited users
  • monthly or annual

$15 / mo.
billed yearly

  • 15 repos
  • up to 300 dependencies total
  • unlimited users
  • monthly or annual

$30 / mo.
billed yearly

  • 50 repos
  • up to 750 dependencies total
  • unlimited users
  • monthly or annual


What about open-source?

We don't give public repos away for free simply because you could set up a "public" repo just to receive notifications. If you have a legitmate open-source project and you absolutely cannot pay for this service, let us know and we'd be happy to talk about it.

Can I get a trial?

Our free plan makes for a great "trial". In our opinion, some kind of time-based trial does not work very well for this kind of service, which is dependent on projects publishing releases. You can use our free plan for as long as you want to ensure that at some point a release is published that you get notified for, and can see how it fits into your workflow.

How are dependencies counted?

For each repo with a .sibbell.yml, we count the number of "projects" that are specified. Those get totalled up across the organization.

Do you have any bigger plans?

Well sure! Get in touch and we'd be happy to set you up.

What about Enterprise?

If you're interested in some kind of enterprise version of Sibbell, let us know! We don't any plans to do that currently, but if it's something people are looking for then we would definitely consider it. How would you use it?

Does it work with anything besides GitHub?

Not yet, but we'd like it to! If you're interested in a particular platform, be sure to let us know.